COVID-19 response

How a developed Social PfR sector can meet the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic

It is hard to monetise the social benefits delivered by the social enterprises which carry out PfR as a way of enhancing the lives of some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in our society. They find a purpose, friendship, learning and a valued place in society through attending PfR projects and helping to repair clothes, furniture or helping in showrooms and cafes. There is no more inspiring a network of groups in Wales than the social enterprises transforming lives through PfR.

True to form, here follows some great stories that have arisen from the COVID19 crisis. It must be noted however, that not all Social PfR organisations have been able to remain open during the pandemic let alone extend their services. If we are to see widespread development across the sector, as witnessed below, specialist developmental support needs to now take precedence.

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