Circular Communities

Wellbeing and resilience within communities

Circular Communities are the best way of describing the Welsh Government’s Circular Economy ambitions when the Wellbeing of Future Generations is applied, where people wellbeing and community resilience is furthered in the wake of COVID19.

Circular Communities represent an exciting potential for growth and resilience of the Welsh Social PfR sector. Providing new opportunities and services within our communities, building people-accessible micro reprocessing, products to support sustainable food production and distribution all underpinned with a radical sustainable finance model proven in other countries. Circular Communities are the home and future for social enterprise reuse organisations, which return wealth back to the people of Wales.

It is the people of Wales who have done the recycling that has taken us to a world leader in recycling. We are now creating new services and opportunities that the circular economy can deliver for all of us, right here in our communities.

COVID19 simply adds urgency for a community rebuild using circular models to sustain local jobs, local food and local resources. With the investment, Circular Communities Cymru can play a pivotal role in coordinating the development of social PfR organisations.

Our members

We work with enterprises and institutions seeking to serve the needs of Wales’ communities, who are interested in developing circular models around resources, food and community wealth. These organisations can be social enterprises, SMEs or town and community councils.
Together we provide the cogs of a functioning and interlinked community based circular economy, one that serves people not just the efficiencies of a corporate space.

Perhaps you, like our Circular Economy leaders here in Wales, wish to rejuvenate and energise the ‘community stake’, with programmes that have been proven to work in other countries across the globe?


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Providing community resilience

In the face of adversity, social enterprises are connected and well placed to contribute to on the ground needs