Pembrokeshire FRAME

Covid-19 response: Community support for at-risk groups during lockdown


Pembrokeshire FRAME teamed up with Haverfordwest Community Fridge to ensure that vulnerable members of the community received nutritious meals during the Covid-19 lockdown.

FRAME, which provides training and employment to disabled people through upcycling furniture and an onsite café, teamed up with Community Fridge to launch the “Bags for Care” initiative. It worked with Pembrokeshire Council to identify those residents who needed support the most.

FRAME General Manager Jenny Sims explained: “We saw the need to reach out to elderly and disabled people along with those suffering with underlying health problems who were forced to shield at home during the pandemic.

“By combing the two social enterprises we were able to provide and deliver hot meals to individuals and entire families several times a week.”

“The Community Fridge collects left over food from supermarkets and chefs at Pembrokeshire FRAME prepared nutritious and tasty meals which were delivered along with other essentials like bread and milk to those who couldn’t leave their homes.

“We delivered around 50 meals per day, five days a week within a five-mile radius of Haverfordwest and people were really appreciative of how the project was run because it became such an asset to them during a very challenging period.”

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