Precious Plastic Cymru

We are delighted to announce that the Lottery's Climate Action Fund in Wales has awarded £338,000 over two years+ to establish our Precious Plastic Cymru project.

Recycling to DIRECTLY benefit the people of Wales!

What is Precious Plastic, what will it look like in Wales and what could this mean in the long term for your community? Read on to find out!

Precious Plastic, originating in the Netherlands, is a plastic recycling model for community-benefit; for us all! Simply, this means that the project is kitted out with people-friendly machines, plus support, that we can all use to make recycled plastic goods for our own needs and keep them!

The deal is, you make it, you keep it!

If you're busy, you can always support the centre by buying recycled plastic products from us which will help us maintain the service when the Lottery support comes to an end.

The Plasticaster
The Plasticaster: to send rock-waves across Wales!

Circular Communities Cymru CIC has worked tirelessly over five years to make this happen, making connections with this global phenomenon from the onset. There are some 300 community projects worldwide.

The green light from the Lottery allows for the creation, staffing and development support for a regional centre for both North and South Wales.

Summer 2023 will be about the set up of the programme, and getting the kit and people in place, trained and ready to go. Interested? Before the years out, we're hoping to announce a 2024 visit programme whereby other communities in Wales can visit one of the initial two sites and try the kit for themselves. We've set ourselves a target of helping a further four communities in North/Mid Wales and four in the South by the end of the funded period in 2025.

Lifesize Lego
Welsh workplaces are going to be more colourful places

So where are we establishing the first two? For this, we have teamed up with two partners who have great social reach and exemplary delivery for people in their communities over the years:

Crest Cooperative will host our North Wales exemplar centre in Colwyn Bay

Welcome to our Woods will host South Wales's Precious Plastic Centre in the Rhondda.

For those of you who know about Circular Communities Cymru CIC's work in quadrupling the number of Community Fridges across Wales or in developing the Celyn Community Currency for Wales, you will know that we've been banging the Precious Plastic drum for a long time. To date, all we lacked was the cash to invest; we're a small Community Interest Company aiming to do big things. Now a new journey begins for us, our partners and for Wales, and potentially, it's a revolution for recycling if done correctly and at scale.

Read on below for the Precious Plastic Cymru 'Big Picture'!!:


Precious Plastic Cymru - A Welsh Revolution in Recycling!

Wales is great at putting resources our for recycling collection. But does our plastic get separated into single polymers and reused? Well, it's a mixed bag. sadly; literally a mixed bag! Did you know there are seven types of plastic in circulation through our houses each week. Separately, we can make them into something new, mixed: no can do.

Because our plastics aren't separated properly a great deal of our plastic in Wales is still burnt and destroyed, incinerated, burnt, obliterated; even though we put it out for collection. A small portion is recycled here in Wales, and long term, those initiatives would benefit if polymer separation became the norm. To get there, we need to raise our awareness as a nation and witness the real tangible benefits: enter Precious Plastic Cymru!

Over the long term, as we build more community Precious Plastic facilities, Wales will become a leader in being Polymer Literate! Wales, with the right steps made now in this direction, will be able to turn the 'Plastic Problem' into a solution, and one that benefits us all.

Plastic keeps coming back. Let's treat it like treasure.
Treating Plastic as a treasure in our communities, and reducing littering, Precious Plastic Cymru is turning the plastic problem into a solution!!

What will the workshops look like?

The workshops, housed in modified shipping containers, branded, lined and fully safety-compliant, will allow people of all ages to clean, flake, design and make new plastic products using moulds and 3D printers.

These products can include iPhone covers, kitchenware, tools, containers, clocks, climbing wall holds and sports equipment. However, there are thousands of useful items waiting to be made and the list is constantly being developed by the global Precious Plastic network.

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