Precious Plastic

Precious Plastic is a project that aims to champion community ownership over the plastics problem through building micro-reprocessing workshops across Wales, where communities are given the tools and resources to turn waste plastics into useful goods. As the development agency in Wales for Precious Plastic, we're setting up two exemplars so that you can visit and hopefully be inspired to work with us in establishing one in your part of Wales.


Circular Communities Cymru aims to provide every community with a Precious Plastic workshop. The community is encouraged to collect plastic from bins, streets, rivers and beaches to provide feedstock for the workshops.

The workshops, housed in shipping containers and fully safety-compliant, allow people of all ages to clean, flake, design and make new plastic products using moulds and 3D printers.

These products can include iPhone covers, kitchenware, tools, containers, clocks, climbing wall holds and sports equipment. However, there are thousands of useful items waiting to be made and the list is constantly being developed by the global Precious Plastic network.

With the go-ahead from founder Dave Hakkens to be Wales’s development agent for Precious Plastic, Circular Communities Cymru is able to support anyone interested in setting up a workshop in their community with funding and other resources.

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